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I am Austin; I'm a Virginia born composer.



Austin O'Rourke is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, electronic music producer and recipient of the ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers Award in 2015. He was born in Culpeper, Virginia and is studying music composition with Mark Snyder at the University of Mary Washington.


Austin's compositions have been described as "organic," "touching," and "incredibly emotional." His works have been presented at the UMW Undergraduate Research Symposium, Electro Acoustic Barn Dance, Root Signals, N_SEME, the West Fork New Music Festival. His piece “Hazel Colored Nebula” has been awarded 2015's ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award.

He's performed with a number of acts and released several records with: ghstly, Horologue, smallhands, Wylder, Oceans Full of Old Friends, Clouds Are Ghosts, Stitched Together, High Five, Ghost!!, Gwen Levey, Nature Boy Explorer, the UMW Jazz Band, UMW Philharmonic, UMW Fredsingers, Satie Quintuplets, Swallowtail, and many more.