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How a Room Full of Water Can Remember Your Voice: exploring reverberation as an instrument

In this presentation, I will  premiere a piece I've written for the pool space at the University of Mary Washington. The piece will be written to demonstrate how music can explore a space and how a room can musically contribute to a composition.






Music Composition Thesis Presentation
UMW Department of Music
April 9th
Goolrick Swimming Pool

How a Room Full of Water Can Remember Your Voice: Exploring Space & Reverberation as Musical Instruments

Austin O’Rourke

Memory Aberration (misty gradient between them) - Austin O’Rourke

Memory Aberration examines the shape and edges of memories as a physical phenomenon and illustrates their colors. The crucial aspect of this piece’s content is how the nebulosity of human memory and the methods they take in deteriorating is portrayed. This piece is intended to use the physical dimensions and shape of the space it is presented in (UMW Goolrick Pool Room) to contribute musically hand in hand with the instruments.

Austin O’Rourke – Percussion & Electronics
Cole Masaitis – Electric Guitar + Processing
Drake (lastname)– Violin
Alex Rodriguez – Double Bass
Winston Givler - Electric Guitar + Processing


Austin O'Rourke is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer and electronic music producer. He was born in Culpeper, Virginia and is studying music composition with Mark Snyder at the University of Mary Washington.


Austin's compositions have been described as "organic," "touching," and "incredibly emotional." His works have been presented at the UMW Undergraduate Research Symposium, Electro Acoustic Barn Dance, Root Signals, N_SEME, the West Fork New Music Festival. His piece “Hazel Colored Nebula” has been awarded 2015's ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award.


Performer Bios:

Cole Masaitis is a Junior at the University of Mary Washington. He is a music major who aspires to compose score, and be a sound designer for media. Cole has experience in booking concerts, performing live music, and composing musical works. His piece Phantoms of Autumn, on the Soundcloud player below was presented at the 2014 Electroacoustic Barn Dance at the University of Mary Washington.

Drake (lastname) (bio)

Alex Rodriguez:

I came to the United States from Mexico when I was four years old. My father was a drummer for the Mexican Navy band and always had music playing in the house. I took a quick interest in music but had to wait until middle school when I could use a school instrument since I couldn’t afford my own at first.

I started off playing cello back in middle school and would switch back and forth from that and the double bass. I officially decided to stick to double bass my sophomore year of high school and picked up the electric bass that year.

I currently play bass in the University of Mary Washington Philharmonic and Jazz Ensemble. Along those ensembles, I perform in a horn band and a cover/fusion band. I have performed in concerts staring famous musicians like Itzhak Perlman and Michael Feinstein.
I have worked for multiple guitar shops where I learned the basics of guitar and orchestral string maintenance and picked up many tricks of the trade.

I have studied with Adam Smolonsky (musician third class USN), Brittany Frompovich, and am currently studying Paul Henry (ret. USAF).

I have a love for all styles of music and will play a huge variety of genres and will pick up different instruments to expand my musical knowledge.

Winston Givler - (bio)

How a Room Full of Water Can Remember Your Voice

Award winning composer and UMW Student Austin O'Rourke presents a compositional showcase where his piece Memory Aberration (misty gradient between them) will be debuted at the UMW Goolrick Swimming Pool on April 9th. The event features a live presentation of the piece followed by a discussion of the techniques used.

Austin O'Rourke is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer and electronic music producer studying at the University of Mary Washington.

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